Gift Ideas for the Clarinet Player!

5 Gift Ideas for the Clarinet Player!

We are often asked...What is a good gift for my son, granddaughter, nephew, cousin that plays clarinet? Well you are in luck! Here is a list of the top 5 gifts that you can get for you favorite clarinets!

#1 - D’Addario Reed Guard -$8

D'Addario Reed Guards are a stylish, effective way to keep your reeds safe and secure. It offers a convenient, affordable storage solution for students, educators, and artists. The soft elastomer cover is designed to securely but gently hold any assortment of B♭ and E♭ clarinet reeds. Reed guards come if 6 fun colors and hold up to four reeds. The specially designed grooved surfaces prevent reed from warping. 

D’Addario Clarinet/Alto Sax Reed Guard