Dickson Middle School Alto Saxophone Rental and Supplies

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*This listing is for the first month of Alto Sax rental, Alto Sax Care Kit, pack of 10 Vandoren 2.5 Reeds, and Essential Elements Book 1 for Alto Sax. You will be contacted after submitting your order with instructions on how to pick up your instrument (or where it will be delivered) and to set up your monthly recurring charge. Alto Sax monthly rental is $55 with an $8 maintenance fee and tax. The Alto Sax care kit is $14, pack of Vandoren 2.5 reeds is $32, and Essential Elements Book 1 is $10.99. We have already applied the 10% rental discount to the supplies.

Alto saxophone rentals include the instrument, mouthpiece, hard plastic case, and ID tag. Reeds are needed in order to play the alto saxophone, and we also recommend a care kit with all the cleaning supplies, etc, in addition to whatever method book is requested by your director.

We are proud to offer brand-new Yamaha instruments for rental. These instruments are high-quality, long-lasting, and the perfect beginner instrument. All instruments are from the Yamaha Advantage line of student instruments.

Our rentals are on a month-to-month contract with a three-year rent-to-own option. That means you are not signing a contract for any certain amount of time. You may return the instrument at any time. However, if you continue to rent for 36 months than charges will be discontinued, and you become the owner!

All rentals are assessed a monthly maintenance fee which covers all issues (except extreme personal neglect or intentional damage) that may arise with the instrument. Plus, all repairs are done in-house with priority given to rental instruments, so you'll have your instrument back in hand quickly, usually while you wait. 

Another fantastic advantage of renting with us is that, at any point in your rental past the first three months, you may choose to purchase the instrument at only 50% of what you have left in your 36-month rent-to-own term.

Lastly, all rental customers receive a 10% discount on purchases in the store as long as they are renting.

We have worked hard to bring you the best value in rental instruments. However, if you have any additional questions before renting, don't hesitate to reach out by phone, email, or even Facebook messenger.

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your musical journey!